Meet Lacy Rae

Welcome to our homestead!

Lacy Rae- Crazy Goat Girl

Hello! My name is Lacy Rae, founder of Muscadine Creek Creamery L.L.C. What started as "Daisy & Cashmere" my very first two goats for my 15th birthday has turned into a family-run business- milking the highest quality Nubians and turning their yummy, nutrient rich milk into goods for my family. As these goats stole my heart, I became the crazy goat girl.  


It all started with a dream that one day we'd have a farm of our own. That dream came true in 2018 when we moved out of the city. Over the last several years our little homestead grew into a beautiful little dairy goat farm, where we raise ADGA registered Nubian dairy goats. I got my very first goats in 2019.

I started my goat career at 15 years old. I have now graduated high school after being homeschooled since 1st grade. It was the best years of my life!

Over the past several years I have been spending my spare time reading about goats, attending goat classes, watching goat shows, talking with breeders, and dreaming about my perfect goat farm. Over the past year we've moved to a bigger farm, cleared land, raising my dream goat barn, building fences, and driving all the way to Minnesota to pick up the most beautiful Nubian doelings (baby girl goats) that I've ever seen! I am so excited to get these girls into the show ring, and take my herd up to the next level.

Soapmaking came in when I started milking two goats who each gave over a gallon each and every day. We had milk everywhere. After reading some books I really wanted to give soaping a go. After my first (failed) batch I kept trying until I got it just right. Then I was hooked. I LOVE making soap! I am so happy that I got to turn my crazy passion into a business that keeps me so busy and happy as well as a business that helps others. I am so blessed.

I am passionate about making soap the old-fashioned way, going back to basics with simple and very few ingredients and helping as many people make the "soap switch" that we did. Handmade in small batches allowing us to control the process to the last detail. Using hand-milked nutrient rich goat milk.

I hope that you enjoy our soaps and other products made with love from my family to yours!

All of my soaps are made in small batches with 100% real my goats milk frow my own herd. Never any store bought or powdered.

You can find my soaps locally at Market Shoppes in beautiful downtown Wetumpka, Mcall & Company in Tallassee, The Cottage Creations in downtown Dadeville, and Alabama Goods in the Homewood, Huntsville locations (starting in October you'll be able to find me in the Hoover location).

Thank you for visiting my site... I really do appreciate every one of ya'll!