Why I chose Nubians for my breed of goat!

Why I chose Nubians for my breed of goat!

When we first started looking and learning about which breed of goat would be a perfect fit, I knew I had to go with a Nubian! 

I had never even met a Nubian goat before, but I fell head over heels with their cute, long, floppy ears, goofy personality, and all the colors they come in. I had only been around and worked with Nigerian Dwarfs... which are super cute and tiny! But they just didn't click with me. 

So, in 2019 off we went to Tennessee and picked up my first two Nubian does (female goat) in milk. All my friends had Nigerians, so the size difference was quite the leap. It was love at first sight. 

Over the last few years, I have become more and more obsessed with the breed and improving it. So, this past spring (2022), me and my dad drove all the way to Minnesota to pick up two of the prettiest girls with powerhouse genetics backing up their pedigrees from Blissberry dairy goats to enhance and build my new 'foundation herd' to a new level. These girls are just the start to my herd, I am so excited to see where we go next. 

I plan on showing them locally, regionally, and nationally. I will be putting them on The American Dairy Goat Association (my registry of choice) performance programs. They will be enrolled in DHIA and Linear Appraisal. 

But back to more reasons why Nubians are my only breed for me. After learning about Nubians, it wasn't a hard choice at all! Nubians, also known as the "Jersey cow of the goats", or "Anglo-Nubian", were first bred in England in the 1920-1930s. Nubians have long, floppy ears and are one of the largest dairy goat breeds. 

Milk production is super important for my herd as we depend on high producers to keep my business going, and that is what they are bred to do!

Compared to other breeds, the milk of a Nubian is high in both butterfat and protein with tests showing an average 4.5% of butterfat and 3.8% protein. Nubians have one of the highest fat contents of all goat breeds at 5%. Mine produce anywhere from four quarts to 1.5 gallons of milk per day! When on test, we milk them twice per day.

Breeding: We strive to breed correct, high producing animals that do well in the show ring as well as put plenty of milk in the pail.

A typical "heat cycle" (meaning the goat is fertile and able to be bred) occurs every 21 days for 1-3 days generally July-January. I want to have my does kid in January and February as the heat isn't an issue nor are the bugs. A pregnancy typically lasts 150 days or 5 months. It is common for a Nubian dam (mama goat) to carry twins, triplets, or even quadruplets when they are well managed! 

Temperament: My goats are my babies and are treated like royalty... they really love attention!

My girls are typically "well mannered" as long as they are fed, watered, and sheltered. They can be vocal, but only usually if they are hungry, or in heat. Nubians are super intelligent and once they learn the correct way to do something, they are able to complete the task on their own. My goats know how to jump on the milking stanchion and wait to be milked. they really love routine, and don't like it to be changed around. Nubians are very affectionate, as well as trusting human companionship. Nubians are known to "call" to their humans by bleating and communicate their needs (such as food or water).

I am SO happy with my breed of choice. I love love love my goats, it is one of the big reasons I started my business! It makes me so happy going out and taking care of my beautiful herd. 

These girls are what bring Muscadine Creek Creamery goat milk soaps to the top! The best soap is created with the best goats... and I think I have one mighty fine herd.    


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