Where did the name Muscadine Creek come from?

Where did the name Muscadine Creek come from?

This big adventure comes from a very fun beginning. It all started on a little farm a little south from Nashville, Tennessee and feeding a lot of goats.

While on my search for my first goats we went to one goat farm in Tennessee that had several for sale. When we got there the breeder had a couple of bags of the goats favorite treats... dehydrated muscadines. 

I had no idea that goats were so addicted to these! But they just LOVED them and they all surrounded me while I was feeding them. It was my first time around the big Nubians and I fell in love with them all surrounding me while giving them the muscadines. It was so wonderful!

After I purchased the goats I had to come up with a herd name to become a part of ADGA's registry. It would be the beginning of the name for any goats born on my farm that I was registering. It was important to find the perfect name!

Muscadines are the first thing that popped in my mind as it was the fondest moment of the search of these girls. Then we looked for a landmark on our property. We had a creek running through the back of our property, and I thought that Muscadine Creek sounded really nice together. Thus the herd name of Muscadine Creek was born. I added Dairy Goats to the end of Muscadine Creek for Muscadine Creek Dairy Goats, for my little goat business/operation.

Not long after transferring my girls in my name, I began making soaps. I bought the girls in milk, and I was getting a whole bunch of milk! 

After falling in love with soapmaking and seeing the benefits it had on my skin I added Creamery to the end (I liked how MCC sounded together compared to all the rest) and haven't looked back. Then a couple years later we got my business name registered as an L.L.C and I took off!

Thus Muscadine Creek Creamery was born. 

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