Meet our team- Sugar!!

Meet our team- Sugar!!

Muscadine Creek Sugar Pie Honey Bunch is my very first Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD). She is a 1 year old registered Great Pyrenees! She has been the best puppy and addition to our growing farm. When she matures fully (most of the time that is around two years old) I just know she will be the best guardian and would protect me, my family, the goats, and the birds under any cost. 

Owning these types of dogs can be really hard work... especially in the puppy/teenage phase. But I can't ever imagine not owning one. She is by partner... the bestest baby girl ever! From the day we brought her home she has been the sweetest and most precious blessing. 

She is the queen of the barnyard, in all her floof and clumsy bigness, lol. I know I wouldn't mess with her if I was a predator ;)  

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