From barn to sink

From barn to sink

The most important ingredient in my soaps is the creamy goat milk, from my happy herd of Nubian dairy goats. We raise them right here on our family farm and I am dedicated to keeping them healthy with exceptional care. That includes cleaning stalls, trimming hooves, milking, giving medication when needed, filling waterers, and tending to any and all of their needs 24/7. Even during Alabama's brutal heat and humidity during summer, we will be loading and unloading many bales of hay multiple times, bottle feeding hungry babies, and tending to any sick goats.  In winter we will break ice in waterers and replace bedding in stalls. We are committed to giving our farm our all year round with our time and energy. It really is a labor of love, but I wouldn't change a thing. 

All of my goats are named and each have their own unique personalities. I love each and every one! Farming is rewarding, yet a challenging lifestyle. There are no days off, some days can quite literally break your heart, but there are also so many wonderful happy blessings. We give God all the glory to what he has blessed us with. 

So, when you consider buying a soap or whatever else from us, know that each bar begins in the barn each morning and ends in the barn at night. Creating the soap is only a fraction of the business.

Thank you so much to all who have supported us over the years! 

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